Our Mission

Even just the thought of moving home can be stressful, which is why our mission is to make moving easier and more eco-friendly with our reusable moving boxes.

We conveniently deliver reusable plastic moving boxes to your home when you’re getting ready to move. You use them to pack your things and after you’ve moved we pick them up from your new home whenever you’re ready.

Take a look at our video to find out more.

Our Story

Our story begins just a few months ago during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Our owner and founder James was looking for new ways to grow his same day courier business, which like many others had been hit hard during the lockdown. By chance he came across a website for a company offering a similar service and thought how amazing that would have been when he was moving house.

So with time on his hands James set about turning the idea for BoxMyStuff into reality.

Based at Fareham, in the heart of Hampshire, we are on a mission to disrupt the moving and packing supplies industry with our easy to pack, reusable plastic moving box hire service.

Initially available to people moving locally within areas around Portsmouth and Southampton, we will expand our service area as the business grows.

Our eco-friendly moving boxes are reusable many times over which helps to eliminate the waste from buying cardboard boxes and when they do need replacing we send them to be recycled.

Our Moving Boxes

  • Built in handles – easy to carry
  • Solid design – won’t get crushed
  • Attached lid – makes packing easy
  • Ready to Pack – no tape required
  • Stackable when full – easy to load in the moving van
  • Nestable when empty – use less space
  • Reusable – no waste and recyclable
  • Size 600 x 400 x 310 mm – perfect for home moves
About us
re usable boxes

Reusable Alternative to Cardboard

One of the biggest problems with moving, is having enough space to pack all your things. You could opt for cardboard boxes, but that means you have to deal with all the hassles of unfolding the boxes, taping them together and trying to fill them without all your stuff falling out the bottom when you pick them up. With BoxMyStuff moving boxes, you can have as many boxes as you need. Designed for easy packing and moving, our boxes come ready built with lids attached, easily secured shut if needed and we provide labels so you know where everything is. That means no more tape or scissors, you’ll soon wonder why you ever used cardboard boxes before.

fragile boxes

No More Packaging Clutter

If you have moved before, you already know how unorganised things can get making it impossible to pack efficiently. BoxMyStuff boxes are designed to be all the same size which means they are easy to pack into removal lorries, hire van or your car, they are perfectly stackable. Instead of your home being full of half filled oversized cardboard boxes, our moving boxes sit conveniently in the corner ready for you to grab one, fill it and move onto the next box. Once you’ve moved into your new home and unpacked, you’re not stuck with all those cardboard boxes. As soon as you’re done we’ll be over to pick up the boxes leaving you to enjoy your new home, box free.